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BidMachine Bidder

Take advantage of in-app bidding and gather unified bidding analytics

BidMachine Marketplace

Drive your revenue incrementally without interrupting your current monetization setup

BidMachine In-House Ad Exchange

Move towards full ownership and transparency with optimization control and access to raw data insights

Why do we make emphasis on full control and transparency?

Dealing with ambiguous fees and duplication of data can bring unnecessary business burdens. BidMachine strives for publishers to work with data directly and manage programmatic advertising in the most efficient manner. To achieve that, it is important to cut out as many middlemen as possible

The more knowledge and control publishers have over their programmatic advertising, the more empowered and reliable the whole industry becomes.

Empowering mobile app businesses
to thrive with programmatic

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The BidMachine team chatted with CrossInstall, recently acquired by Twitter, about the COVID-19 challenges, the shift to the first-price auction and notable programmatic trends.

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