ML-powered App Monetization Platform with Global Demand

We partner with the largest-scaled publishers in the world
For app developers

A reliable platform to scale and maximise your mobile ad revenues

Get full control, flexibility and transparency. It’s time to build and grow your successful advertising business.
For demand platforms and agencies

Reach global in-app audiences at scale

Access in-app inventory you need: high-quality, direct, and brand-safe. For all ad formats, and optimized to achieve the best performance.

BidMachine Offers Publishers Independence while Providing a Robust Platform for Ad Management

Reach your long-term revenue goals

Ensure a high-quality user experience while maximizing your ad revenue.
Fraud protection and ad quality tools to ensure highest user satisfaction.

Get quick and easy access to your data to grow your business

Powerful dashboard and granular data. Get actionable insights to boost your ad earnings and accelerate your business growth.

Unlock revenue instantly

Integrate our SDK effortlessly and unlock monetization opportunities in minutes!

AI-optimized bidding

Let our machine learning drive your app's financial success.

Direct SDK integration

Increase your eCPMs and boost your ad revenue.
Allow all our demand partners compete simultaneously for the same ad impression.
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SDK integration

Add Bidmachine to your Ad Mediation

Already partnered with a mediation platform?
Bidmachine is officially supported by Level-Play, MAX, Helium and is compatible with any mediations.
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Mediation partner

Build your own 
in-house ad platform

Start your advertising business and tailor your adtech solution with us, at cost zero.
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In-house ad platform
Direct SDK

One Single SDK for In-App Header Bidding that Increases CPMs and Maximizes Ad Revenues 

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Total data transparency. Powerful analytics. Everything you need to effectively manage your ad business.

BidMachine consolidates data from all demand sources in one place. Forget about additional integrations.
One SDK - access all exchanges, DSPs 
Unified analytics from all demand sources
Transparent auction data + access to raw data
Mediation Partners

Add Bidmachine as an Additional Demand Source

global ad demand

Increase the number of demand partners that compete for your ad space. In-app header bidding maximizes ad opportunities and boosts your revenues.

Business Transparency

Fine-tune your ad opportunities. Get 100% transparent and detailed, granular data. And skyrocket your ad revenues.

Real-time insights

Generate actionable insights and optimize your ad performance. 
Leverage our real-time data and powerful platform analytics.
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“Effortless integration, swift results. A 6% rise in ARPDAU showed us the power of simplicity and speed in app monetization.”
Vlad Gurgov
Ngoc Pham from IEC Games
Adtech Infrastructure

Add BidMachine with One-Click Integration

Already using an Ad Mediation? Connect to BidMachine DSP in less than a minute!
Google AdMob
Unity LevelPlay
Google AdMob

Own your In-House Ad Tech Infrastructure.
Get Full Ownership, Control and Transparency.

Complete control 
over your adtech

Unlimited integrations and custom adapters for demand partners. 
Scale your supply with everything you need. 
Fuel your optimization and growth.

Direct relationships 
with advertisers

Establish direct connections with DSPs and advertisers.
Cut unnecessary ad tech fees and improve your profit margins.

Powerful analytics

Access crucial metrics and raw data to manage and grow your ad business.
Unlock actionable insights to boost your revenues.

Full Optimization and Control with In-House Adtech Infrastructure

In-House Infrastructure

Access High-Quality Global Mobile In-App via ORTB and Bidding Integration

Cost efficiencies

Benefit from removed intermediary fees and reduced latency for improved delivery

Improved performance and outcomes

Direct integration means less hops, leverage our improved SDK rendering and faster ad delivery

Transparency buying and management

Manage your demand via our detailed partner dashboard
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Success Stories


+35% in Ad Response Rate and +25% in WinRate – Audiomack Success

Banners eCPM (US)
Interstitials eCPM
Ad Response Rate
Audiomack provides download access and unlimited streaming to the newest and hottest tracks, right at your fingertips. The music download feature allows you to play your favorite songs offline, and the “Trending” section shows you the best albums and songs that are hot right now. Plus, you can listen to all local MP3s, WAV, M4A, AAC, and other local files right from the app.
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