About us

BidMachine is a suite of programmatic solutions, tailored to help cutting-edge companies get cutting-edge results.

Direct relationships with programmatic advertisers

Dealing with ambiguous fees and duplication of data can bring unnecessary business burdens. BidMachine strives for publishers to work with data directly and manage programmatic advertising in the most efficient manner. To achieve that it is important to cut out as many middlemen as possible.

The more knowledge and control publishers have over their programmatic advertising, the more empowered the whole industry becomes.

Fostering innovation with open-source

We believe that publishers should be free to choose, control, and manage bidding technologies.

Through open-sourcing, our mission to bring transparency to the ad tech market gets closer to completion and fully reflects our values. Our open-source ad exchange is freely available for everyone to learn from, use, and distribute.

Access to Open-Source Code

If you want to start with an open-source solution today, simply follow this Github link. You will find instructions for configuration and deploy on the page.

BidMachine History overview

BidMachine is a part of

Stack is an end-to-end SaaS-based solution created by Appodeal that scales mobile app business growth and drives profit by synthesizing User Acquisition, Ad Monetization and Actionable Intelligence.

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