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+35% Ad Response Rate and +25% WinRate – Audiomack Success

Discover how in-app bidding increased Audiomack’s advertising revenues. Optimizing the ad strategy with BidMachine, striking a chord with ad revenue metrics and user satisfaction.

The Success

Audiomack, a leading mobile application in the Music and Audio category, has revolutionized user experience with music.
After adding BidMachine in the in-app bidding setup, Audiomack increased the profitability of the app, and boosted their top monetization metrics for their top markets:
In US Market
Outside US Market
Banners eCPM
In US Market
Outside US Market
Interstitials eCPM
In US Market
Outside US Market
Ad Response Rate
In US Market
Outside US Market
In US Market
Outside US Market
BidMachine ranked as the top-4 DSP in SOV (Share Of Voice) in the Audiomack ad setup.

The Challenge

Optimizing Ad Monetization Amidst Rapid Growth

Audiomack, as a premier platform in the music streaming sector, encountered the challenge of scaling its ad monetization strategy in alignment with its expanding user base and content library. 
The main objective was to further optimize ad revenue without compromising the user experience, a common dilemma for high-growth applications.
Despite its significant user engagement and growth, Audiomack faced challenges in maximizing ad revenue efficiency and maintaining an optimal balance between user ad satisfaction and profitability. The traditional ad monetization models, including the waterfall approach, proved less effective and agile in a fast-paced digital market.
Audiomack's monetization efforts before BidMachine’s integration still had some margin for improvement regarding eCPM and ARPDAU rates.


Monetization with BidMachine's Early Adoption of In-App Bidding

Historically, BidMachine has always been at the forefront of in-app bidding innovations. Even before giants like Google. 
Audiomack was exploring in-app bidding to enhance its ad monetization strategy. However, it faced limitations with existing partners which had yet to embrace this new model. 
The solutions offered by other platforms involved running line items as a makeshift bridge between the conventional waterfall approach and the emerging in-app bidding landscape. Although this was a step towards bidding, it was nested within the waterfall system, complicating the setup and not fully harnessing the efficiency of real-time bidding.
BidMachine provided a direct and effective in-app bidding solution, free from the complexities of transitional models. By integrating BidMachine, Audiomack capitalized on cutting-edge technology, streamlining its ad strategy and embracing the future of app monetization.

The Results

Optimizing Performance: BidMachine's Impact on Audiomack

Following the integration of BidMachine's in-app bidding technology, Audiomack experienced  significant improvements in its monetization metrics leading to overall increase in advertising revenue.
While other DSPs lead in Share of Voice (SOV) due to its strong presence in some very specific markets, BidMachine has carved out a vital role in Audiomack's revenue strategy, proving its effectiveness despite the fierce competition.
BidMachine's performance metrics offer a clear insight into its contribution:
In the US market, BidMachine delivered an eCPM of $0.47 for banners and $12.5 for interstitial ads.
For markets outside the US, the eCPM stood at $0.27 for banners and $5.5 for interstitials.
The ad response rate, or bid rate, reached 36% in the US and 10.5% internationally.
Client-side win rates were 8% in the US and 28% in non-US markets.
These figures highlight BidMachine's role in driving significant revenue for Audiomack. 
BidMachine competes effectively with leading DSPs like IronSource and Google, whilestands out for its ability to generate substantial returns. BidMachine's continued presence in Audiomack's ad setup is a testament to its performance.

Audiomack: Music Downloader

Audiomack provides download access and unlimited streaming to the newest and hottest tracks, right at your fingertips. The music download feature allows you to play your favorite songs offline, and the “Trending” section shows you the best albums and songs that are hot right now. Plus, you can listen to all local MP3s, WAV, M4A, AAC, and other local files right from the app.

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