Power up your performance with in-app header bidding

Why add BidMachine as an additional monetization source?

Direct access with global reach

Access top-performing DSPs without middlemen that are outside of your conventional setup. Cover top GEOs and specific locations


From transparent reporting to direct payments and communication

Real-time bidding analytics

Instead of relying on historical data, unlock the best prices for impressions in real-time and see bidding statistics

Among our demand partners

Simple integration, stable performance

Integrate our ready-to-go solution that connects you with top-performing DSPs with the focus on the results from the get-go.

Seamless integration into the waterfall

One simple PubMonkey plugin to integrate into Google Ad Manager and MoPub

No interruption of current monetization setup
Access to top-performing DSPs

Drive your revenue incrementally

Within 3 months of working with BidMachine, you’ll see how cutting middlemen fees and working with demand sources directly will grow your revenue by more than 25%.

Ready to increase your revenue incrementally?