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BidMachine Team Interviews: Tomiris Zhol

This is the second interview in the series of interviews meant to show the more personal side of people whose names you see in email threads, LinkedIn feed, and presentations. Questions and answers in this interview cover personal stories of developing a career in the programmatic industry, and our interests beyond mobile.

Hi Tomiris! Your map of journeys is really diverse—you’ve lived in so many different countries! Tell us about where you are from and how you started working in Barcelona. 

Hi Katia! Indeed, I’ve been traveling a lot, and sometimes it feels like I was born with this mission. I have lived in 5 different countries and many more cities in a “long-term” format. I moved to Spain 6 years ago to do an MBA degree at a local university and decided to stay here. When I joined Appodeal (before BidMachine became a separate product), I completely changed industries, and I am very happy that I made that decision.

I know that you also spent several months with the team in Barnaul. What are your impressions about life in Siberia?

It was an exciting and unforgettable time. It is a special chapter in my life book. I loved the people I met there. I made some good friends, the food was amazing, and apart from my job, my days were full of different activities. The Barnaul team is very friendly and feels like a family. I was actually sad to go back to Spain after spending three months there. Time flew so fast.

What is the most exciting and the most challenging thing about working with the BidMachine product?

The best part about my job is a continuous learning of new things, which can be both exciting and challenging, but never boring!

There are so many challenges today, including the Covid-19 spike. What is your strategy in battling the negative effects of the pandemic in your personal life?

I am a quite optimistic person, so I actually appreciate this time because I can spend more time with my family, take care of myself, do what makes me happy, and not get distracted by the frantic city pace and clutter.

We need to stay safe and take care of the people around us.

If you didn’t work in the mobile ad tech industry, what would you do for a living?

I would probably work in any other industry where you need to work closely with numbers. Or I would become a Professor of Mathematics. (smiles)

Who’s your favorite leadership personality (famous or not) that you look up to?

I don’t have one. I think that all people are unique and have their strong and weak characteristics. I am trying not to follow any specific model of behavior as they change a lot depending on circumstances. So I simply try to be the best version of myself at the moment. 

Tomiris Zhol with Lidiia Galkina, Director of Administrative Operations and HR, at a company-wide event in Prague, January 2020.

Do you prefer to spend your free time on social media or doing something else?

Oh, this is a good question. I try not to use my phone or laptop at all after I finish my work for the day. I like spending time doing active things and preferably outside in the open air. Especially now, since it is a beautiful summertime in Spain.

Who is your spirit animal?

I’ve never thought about this. Maybe a horse? Black, tall, strong, elegant horse.

Is there any advice or tip that you recently received and it inspired you?

I like this quote by Heraclitus: “The only thing that is constant is change.” I recently thought about this when I noticed that I was resistant to changes.

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