Take advantage of innovative in-app bidding technology with Prebid at the forefront. This solution comes free with all of our programmatic offerings.

What is Prebid Mobile?

Prebid sends one request to the server where multiple demand sources are simultaneously asked for bids. Bids return from demand partners and the highest bid wins in less than a second. Prebid can connect you to ad exchanges of your choice as well as traditional set of DSPs.

Extended analytics

The Prebid solution allows you to gather analytics from SDK bidders as well as DSPs in one spot, eliminating the need for multiple integrations.

One SDK — all major ad exchanges
Unified analytics from all bidders
Transparent auction data + raw data

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Programmatic Ads in 2020: BidMachine White Paper is Now Out

Turns out there’s no need to be afraid of in-housing costs and resource allocation when you can access a ready-to-go solution that not only allows a step-by-step transition to programmatic ads managed internally, but brings incremental ad revenue and tangible results from the get-go.

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Ekaterina Kupidonova

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Admixer Webinar Summary: In-App Advertising During the Crisis

Fernando Granata, Director of Business Performance at Bidmachine, participated in a webinar “In-App Advertising During the Crisis: Key Changes, Trends, and New Ways to Succeed” hosted by Admixer Academy.

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Ekaterina Kupidonova

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